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November 2008: In case you missed it, Funimation released Volume 1 of the Claymore anime in October. The DVD, titled "The Burden of the Blade," is Region 1 and comes with the first five episodes in both Japanese and English. You can buy the DVD by itself or purchase the limited edition collector's box, which has the first DVD and a 24-page mini book. (The collector's box DVD is the same as the stand-alone DVD.) The Funimation collector's box features the covers of the first four Japanese Limited Edition Sequence boxes. Along with the release of the DVD, Funimation launched its Claymore website - warning, it's filled with unmarked spoilers. But it also has a ton of lovely wallpapers~ Volume 2, "The Point of No Return," comes out on December 16, 2008.

November 2008: Added two pieces of fanart to the Fandom section! I also hope to update the Anime and Manga sections soon.

May 2008: Updated the Manga section with information on tankoubon #14.

April 2008: Added the current list of manga tankoubon/volumes to the Manga section. Also added the anime episode list, anime DVD information, and anime CD information to the Anime section. The site is now accepting fan submissions!

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