Kishuu Arashi

Kishuu Arashi is a member of the Dragons of Heaven (the Seven Seals), one of two groups involved in a war for the fate of Earth that takes place in the year 1999. The Dragons of Heaven must try to save the current world from being destroyed by the Dragons of Earth (the Seven Angels).

Orphaned at seven years of age, Arashi survived on garbage for three months after her mother's death. Her mother said Arashi must not die, even if she herself passed away. Arashi wanted to obey her mother, but she wondered if her solitary life was important enough to continue living such an existence.

The young child was discovered outside of the Ise Shrine, where, unknown to Arashi, her mother was once a shrine maiden. Kaede, who was in charge of the shrine, managed to convince Arashi to continue living; she told Arashi that she would be sad if Arashi died. Kaede also explained to Arashi the importance of her life, since she would grow up to be a Dragon of Heaven and would meet people who would care about her.

After that, Arashi was raised as a shrine maiden at Ise, the most famous Shinto shrine to the sun goddess Amaterasu. She is the Kakushi Miko (Hidden Shrine Maiden), who is said to conceal all the power of Ise in her body. This power reveals itself as a sacred sword which comes out of Arashi's left hand. All of the Seven Seals have the potential to create a kekkai, and Arashi's is in the shape of a pyramid.

Presently, Arashi is a high school student. She is generally stoic in nature, showing little emotion, although she is genuinely kind and does outwardly demonstrate worry and concern on occasion. With long black hair and dark eyes, Arashi is easily one of the most beautiful of the X/1999 females, so it's no surprise that Arisugawa Sorata decides Arashi is the woman for whom he is destined to die. He falls in love with her almost on sight and proceeds to lavish attention on her throughout the series. Although Arashi is at first annoyed by Sorata's flirtations and treats him coolly, she eventually falls in love with him.

The manga series is not yet finished but is currently on hiatus. So far, 17 volumes have been released, and a total of 20 tankubon are eventually expected. In one of the last chapters published, Arashi, after having slept with Sorata, can no longer produce the sword from her hand. She seeks guidance from Hinoto, who has since gone dark side. Evil Hinoto traps Arashi in her dream world, which will force Arashi to forget her past; when Arashi awakens, she will be a Dragon of Earth. Sorata, however, has discovered Hinoto's plan and confronts her, demanding that Arashi be freed.

An X anime movie was released in 1996 when the manga was on its 8th or 9th volume. In my opinion, although the movie was very pretty, it had little plot and was very rushed. Arashi, like every other character in the movie except for Kamui, died before the movie's end. Sorata, who was quite different in personality from his manga counterpart, tried to save her and was mortally injured in the process. As Arashi knelt over his body, she was murdered by Fuuma. Arashi's voice actress was Shinohara Emi.

The anime TV series aired from 2001-2002 and was 24 episodes long with an OVA prequel (known as episode zero). The TV series followed the manga much more closely than the movie did but was still quite different. Arashi and Sorata's relationship developed very similarly to their manga relationship's development. However, after they slept together, Arashi, to prevent Sorata from dying, switched sides and joined the Dragons of Earth to kill Kamui. Arashi and Sorata ended up having to fight one another, but neither could kill the other, resulting in a stalemate. Fuuma, knowing Arashi was useless, tried to kill her, but Sorata saved her, dying in the process. At the end of the TV series, Arashi visits Mt. Kouya, where Sorata grew up. Arashi's seiyuu for the series was Yuzuki Ryouka.

Arashi also appears in one of CLAMP's newest manga series, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. The manga is an alternate universe crossover of many of CLAMP's previous series, including Card Captor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, and X. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle focuses on Syaoran, a young boy who must save the life of his best friend and the girl he loves, Princess Sakura. To do so, he and his companions must travel to different worlds and different dimensions in order to track down Sakura's feathers, the embodiment of her memories and power. In every dimension, there are alternate versions of characters from the other worlds.

Through Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, CLAMP is able to minorly compensate those of us Sorata x Arashi fans who are miserably resigned to the fact that Sorata will probably die in the X/1999 manga, by allowing Sorata and Arashi to live happily together in at least one alternate universe. In the first world that Syaoran-tachi visit, Arashi is a former priestess who lives in the Republic of Hanshin with her husband, Arisugawa Sorata. Sorata, a history teacher, is very much in love with Arashi. Arashi tolerates her husband's lavish affection with her typical stoicness. The couple run a lodging house, where Syaoran and his companions stay while they attempt to find one of Sakura's feathers. Sorata and Arashi know of Yuuko, to whom they say they owe a debt, but it's not clear what that debt is.

Sorata appears as a cameo in the country of Piffle, kissing a picture of Arashi.

In a later world, Syaoran-tachi see Arashi and Sorata once more, although only briefly, in what appears to be a post-apocalyptic, alternate version of X/1999's Tokyo. This world has been decimated by acid rain and transformed into a barren wasteland, and most of the main characters from X/1999 live here (though Subaru and Seishirou are notably absent). In this dimension, Kamui has chosen to side with the Dragons of Earth (though they are not called that here), rather than the Dragons of Heaven, who are referred to as the "Tower" (because their base of operations is Tokyo Tower). Fuuma, of course, is from the Tower, and so leads Arashi, Sorata, et. al. We aren't quite sure what's going on, but there seem to be disputes over the remaining uncontaminated water sources in Tokyo.

In Tsubasa Chronicle, the anime series based on TRC, Arashi and Sorata have a somewhat expanded role. Syaoran-tachi encounter several alternate Soratas and Arashis who don't appear in the manga. Besides the initial Sorata and Arashi from the Republic of Hanshin, an alternate version of Arashi and Sorata live in the country of Koryo (where Chunyan lives). Additionally, in episode 30 "Kanishii Kiseki," an alternate version of Arashi and Sorata appear in the land of Edonis, which Syaoran and his friends last visited in episode 26. Arashi's seiyuu for Tsubasa Chronicle is Akiko Hiramatsu.

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